I have taught undergraduate and postgraduate courses in multi-lingual, collaborative learning environments, in person and online. These include research-intensive seminars for postgraduate students and survey-style undergraduate lecture series.

Postgraduate supervision and teaching

Department of History, Stellenbosch University

PhD Supervision

Karl Bergemann Thesis: Enslaved, apprenticed and contract runaways in the Cape Colony, 1830-1842 (2020-)

Honours thesis supervision

Christiaan Burger (co-supervised with Prof. Johan Fourie) Thesis: The origins of the opgaafrolle at the Cape (ongoing, 2021)

Ilse Brookes Thesis: ‘Dead’ money or concealed capital? How did 1723’s Cape small farmers employ their slave labour to turn a profit? (Graduated 2019)

Institute for History, Leiden University, The Netherlands

Early Modern Encounters: Money, Migration and Microbes (Masters seminar, 1st sem, 2015-2016)

Undergraduate teaching

Stellenbosch University

Perspectives, institutions and systems related to wealth and poverty: A historical perspective (2nd year online lecture series, Term 1, 2021)
South Africa in the 18th and 19th century (2nd year lecture series, Term 3, 2019)

University of Leiden/ Leiden University College, The Netherlands

Slaves in Court at the Cape (1st sem, 1st year seminar series, 2016-2017)
Dutch History in Global Time (1st sem, 3rd year seminar series, 2015-2016)

Student development and mentoring

Stellenbosch University

I mentor postgraduate students in history, providing a sounding board to discuss publication strategies, research and writing styles, and dealing with academic setbacks. These are not content-focussed nor supervisory meetings; rather, they build academic community and shared learning.